Summer Music Making Workshop for players of Bowed Instruments

Small-Group Improvisation for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

Masterclass or individual lessons a la carte

July 19-23 2021
on Zoom
10:30 am – 1:00pm EDT U.S. 
Ages 8
through Adult

All levels of experience welcome

Tuition $225 (Individual Lessons à la carte)
Teacher Auditor Tuition $60: Teachers who send a student observe gratis


  • Through time, uncovering different ways music has been made through history.
  • Around the world, inquiring into the different kinds of beauty that make different parts of the world such great arenas for musicians to create.


Experiment with creative musical projects, drawing upon principles like

  • Questions and answers, theme and variations, and other musical structures
  • Blues, Gypsy music, Indian Raga, and Jazz
  • Japanese scales, Medieval or 12-tone themes, and Free Improvisation
  • Play over chord progressions in different styles, with professional musicians


  • Through the creative process, making our own music together, music of our time and place.
  • We’ll make as much music as we can!

~ Classes conducted over zoom, building skills and making new music, with breakout rooms organized to facilitate group collaboration according to playing level. ~

All ages, backgrounds and experience levels welcome!

Sera Smolen

Cellist, teacher, Creative Ability Development teacher trainer, and improviser.

More about Sera

Jonathan Kramer

Cellist, teacher, improviser, and ethnomusicologist.

More about Jonathan

Lisa Liske

Cellist, teacher, Creative Ability Developent teacher, improviser, and writer.

More about Lisa

Joseph Falconer

Cellist, teacher, Administrative Assistant for Soundings 2021, and painter.

More about Joseph

About us

Sera, Jonathan, and Lisa are performing cellists who have roved the musical world with their cellos. Joseph begins his journey teaching improv by attending and facilitating Soundings this year, and taking Creative Ability Development teacher training in the process.

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